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Exposition de la Fête de St Germain

Each year we open the chateau to become an exposition space for artists. The town holds the Fête (Festival) de Saint Germain during the last weekend in July, and the chateau is open in the afternoons for the week leading up to the fête. 

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Exposition 2023

Flora 2 copy.jpg


Born in 1992 in Limoges, I completed my studies in my hometown. Before studying in art school, my personal culture came from the "underground" and especially from urban practices. I am interested in micro-movements in the city and I am inspired by the confrontation of artistic circles, temporalities and media cultures. I studied mechanisms in the writing of the thesis entitled Palimpseste Urbain. After that, my origins pushed me to continue my research in Kaolin post-diploma in order to question the traditional practices of ceramics.

Michel 2 copy.jpg

Michel BRAND

Looking inwards, going beyond my limits, that's the ethic. My involvement is total. My projects question me, challenge me, my actions engage me, discover me. My language is art, to express free paths and describe them in beauty. My means are to get in touch with myself and others, and to move forward with the strength of great ideas.


Ideally, we'll all come together, across all divides, on a bridge between worlds.

Alfred copy.jpg


Alfred Hoefler (*1958) began drawing and painting as a child, finding his first inspiration in the mountainous landscape of his native Seefeld (Tirol). His attraction to elements such as earth, fire, water, air, wood and metal led him to a complex confrontation and work with these forces and materials, before later exploring invisible, digital space.

During this period, Alfred Hoefler presented his paintings and sculptures in group exhibitions, while making progress on the construction of a house with a permaculture garden in the Dordogne, where he can now devote himself entirely to his artistic activity.


Since 2018, many new works have been created. As in the past, they reflect the colors and impressions of surrounding nature, but also express archetypal emotions and experiences. Under powerful, spontaneous strokes appear "soul paintings" of archaic symbolism, revealing long-guarded, hidden thoughts, giving them a space and a face of their own.

In this way, the paintings and sculptures - often in large format - are always a lively alternation of inner and outer perception, the meaning of which must be felt by the viewer as an individual - until, at some point, he himself becomes part of the work.

 Chiara copy.jpg


My volumes are born of the pleasure of touching, confronting and manipulating matter.

They are inspired by natural surfaces, architectural elements, confrontations of surfaces, colors and materials inspired by our daily lives. I want to appeal to the senses.


A sculpture can be detached from its installation and allowed to evolve on its own. It is then introduced into everyday life, surrounded by other heterogeneous forms that will then interact with each other. The meaning will not be the same. The sculpture is a reminder of a past installation.


 What fascinates me about form is its ability to become something else without changing. It constantly evolves by association. My work leaves room for astonishment. Isolation, juxtaposition and composition in space create a continuity of formal elements.

Hazel 1 copy.jpg


The southwest of France, where I now live, is bathed in a bright, beautiful light.  It's this radiance that transmits itself to my painting surface, whether pastel or acrylic. For some years, I concentrated solely on animal portraits, with particular attention paid to the details that describe the particular nature of the animal. But there was always this bubbling desire to express MY INNER ARTISTIC VOICE. And so it springs forth, culminating in expressive work ranging from the figurative to the abstract.  Sometimes a theme is imprinted on my intention, but often I paint intuitively, nurturing the unknown until the painting speaks for itself, declaring that completion is here.   Always powerful and alive, my painting aims to bring you back for another look.


 Vineta copy.jpg

Vineta SAYER

Ever since she can remember Vineta has been drawing horses. This lifelong fascination and a brilliant artistic talent won her a place at Rozenthal’s School of Art. On graduation she studied fine art at the Academy of Art in Riga.

Vineta is accomplished in all media and is equally at home with traditional studies in oils, drawing and etching. Vineta’s paintings are in private collections in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Australia, the UK, Italy, Ireland and the USA.


Her solo exhibitions include Galleries Laipa and Kolonna in Latvia, and the Neville Gallery and Francis Iles in the UK. In 1999, Vineta won the Artist of the Year in Valmiera, Latvia and the prestigious award from the Le Puget Gallery, Alzonne, France for her drawing of equestrian studies.

Exposition 2022

Hosted By

Stephen COLE

Born in Wales, raised in Ontario, Canada, and now relocated to the Chateau de Saint Germain des Pres, France.  Although Graphic Design is his career he has never stopped painting. Creating art is his way of expressing thoughts and experiences. He travels the world and brings back inspiration from wherever he goes. He likes to create a sense of dimension and depth to his paintings, inviting the viewer to enter and explore. His choice of acrylic medium allows him to explore different techniques from soft washes to harsh brush strokes. His paintings are built like a stage, starting from the background and working up to the main players in the scene. He constantly strives to improve his technique while exploring a range of subjects.

"Painting is a life long pursuit that doesn’t have a conclusion only new paths to explore."


Friend of the chateau and internationally acclaimed ceramicist Claude AUSSAGE organized much of the 2023 Exposition. His works are currently on display at the Centre Culturel JP Fabrègue in St-Yrieix-la-Perche.

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