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Exposition 2024
20 - 28 July

Plein Air Painting & Sale

27 & 28 July

Belle Epoque Historic Costumes
27 July


Exposition 2024

Attention Professional Artists!

We invite you to submit your works for our upcoming week-long exposition. To submit your artwork, please use the form below and ensure that you follow the guidelines provided.


Please note: Pieces will be selected by a jury to create an exhibition in the chateau. Not being selected is not necessarily a reflection of quality, but rather a case of curating a show to provide a diverse and engaging experience for our audience.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Artwork must be original and created by you.
2. Each artist can submit up to five pieces for consideration.
3. Artwork can be in any medium (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.).
4. Submitted pieces should be ready for display (framed if applicable). We may ask for additional photos for proof of readiness. We require D-rings on frames for wall-hung canvases. 
5. Ensure high-quality images of your artwork for the submission process.

6. The jury's decision is final.

The Jury

To be confirmed

Expo 2024 Registration

Thank you for registering. Please email your (max 5) submissions to

Plein Air Painting

Are you a plein air artist, who would like to paint at a private Château as if you are in another era?

Saturday 27 July

Professional and amateur artists are invited to create works in the great outdoors - "en plein air." Work on the château grounds or nearby in our pretty town of Saint-Germain-des-Pres. 

Plus, connect with costumers to bring a new element to your works. Discuss with the attendees to decide what feels right for everyone. Scenic picnics, strolling or posing, it's up to you and the costumer to find the right inspiration.

Sunday 28 July

Artists are invited to add their plein air works to a separate section of the exposition for show and (optional) sale, and attend the show closing at 4pm to meet visitors. A 15% commission applies. 

Plein Air 2024 Registration

If you registered for the Expo and ticked the Plein Air box, you do not need to register again here.

Thank you for registering. Please sign in at the chateau after 7am on Saturday 27 July. 

Belle Epoque Historic Costumes

Are you a costumer who would like to share your passion with your community & the public, and be a muse for other artists?


Costumers are invited to come and share their passion for historic costumes of the Belle Epoque era (French fashion from 1875 - 1914). Enjoy the company of others with the same passion, create your own social media content in the château and its grounds, and be a muse for plein air painters. Costumes do not have to be 100% historically accurate - "in the spirit of" the Belle Epoch is great for this event. 

During our plein air painting day, we encourage both customers and plein air artists to collaborate and engage with one another. Whether you're an aspiring artist or an art enthusiast, these events provide a unique opportunity for mutual inspiration and creativity. Join us as we blend the talents of artists and the vision of our patrons, fostering an environment where art comes to life through shared experiences and collaboration.

Belle Epoque Costume 2024 Registration

Thank you for registering. Please sign in at the chateau after 7am on Saturday 27 July. 

Visitor & Sale Information

Show & Sale

The culmination of the artists’ efforts, ready to share and celebrate. In the château, there’s a buzz of excitement as people come in to view and buy the beautiful works the artists created. Art works may be purchased directly at the chateau from the priorietors, for pick up after the show closing on Sunday.

Entrance to the events is free for visitors and artists alike.

SGDP green.png

150 rue du Chateau

24160 Saint-Germain-des-Pres


Visitors are welcome to view the exposition during the following times July 20-28.

  • Monday - Friday 2pm - 6pm or by appointment

  • Saturday 9am - 6pm

  • Sunday 8am - 6pm

  • Sunday 4pm - Show closing: meet the artists

Belle Epoque en Plein Air

Saturday 27 July, 9am to 6pm:

  • See the artists and costumers at work

  • Explore the expo, chateau and grounds

  • Picnics welcome

Sunday July 28, 8am to 6pm:

  • See the plein air artists' additions to the exposition and sale

  • Join the show closing at 4pm to meet the artists.

Still have questions? Please drop us a line. We'll do our best to reply in 48 hours.

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