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Belle Epoch en

Plein Air

Art & Costume Event

Paint en plein air at a private chateau. Share your love of Belle Epoch fashion. Or both!

May 26 - 28


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National Novel

Writing Month

Writing Residency

Ditch the distractions. Just write.

November 5 -18


BeYouTiful Souls

Wellness Retreat

Are you ready to experience a week of self-care with a gigantic dose of laughter, creativity, fun, mindfulness, connection, culture and food?

May 5th -11th


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Partner With Us

Stay & Share Your Skills

Find out what we offer to facilitators.

Host an Event

See Below

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Creative Awakening Retreat

Art Retreat

Discover your inner artist and create something beautiful.

June 1-8 & September 21-28


Propose Your Workshop

We want to hear from facilitators who want to run workshops in a beautiful setting in the French countryside. Please read our guidelines below, and if you think your workshop fits, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.


  • Workshops for 6-10, who would stay on-site or near by

  • Create your itinerary for makers, artists, wellness, or any combination (and new ideas!)

  • Supplies can be provided by you (included in the price), or by specific instruction to the guests (additional cost to the guests)

  • We provide accommodation, and food & beverage for you and the guests

  • Guests provide their own transport to and from the workshop

  • We provide flexible workspaces with tables and chairs,  additional equipment could be by negotiation

  • Ask us for connections to local providers to enhance your itinerary

  • We may provide optional local excursions to the guests to enhance the workshop experience

  • Inclusion is important to us, and our accessibility may be limited in the early days - please ask for what you and your guests may need

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