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Join expert kiln builder Claude Aussage for a week of instruction and practical application of kiln building. September 2 - 6, 2024


My workshop Wood-firing Kiln Building and Firing Technology is a full week hands-on course. You will learn all the necessary knowledge to start your own kiln building project. Both practical and « theoretical » aspects will be explained. Time for questions and answers and to discuss about personal projects are also included in the program.


Instruction is available in English and French.


Terms & Conditions

Wood-firing Kiln Building and Firing Technology

  • Choose your accommodation. Rate is provided when selecting from these options.

    • Off-site: Arrange your own local accommodation at a B&B or camping site. We can provide some names of local services, and each attendee must manage their own bookings.
    • Camping on-site: Bring your tent and camp in the 15ha of grounds of the chateau. You are welcome to arrive the day before and leave the day after the workshop.Use the washroom & kitchen facilities in the chateau.
    • B&B at the Chateau: Book one of the 5 available chambre d'hote rooms at the chateau. Mix of en-suite and shared washrooms. You are welcome to arrive the day before and leave the day after the workshop. Rooms are available first-come-first-served. Continental breakfast is included in the rate.  
  • The general program is as follows, it could be adapted depending on group and/or local conditions. Daily instruction from 9am to 6pm with a break for lunch. 

    Day 1 

    • Group presentation
    • Different types of kilns, and a plan of our small wood-fired kiln
    • Look at materials and start building the kiln.
    • Lecture : « Control of the kiln, effects on pieces »...

    Day 2 

    • Building the kiln
    • Lecture : « Inside the kiln, wood combustion, flow and heat»

    Day 3 

    • Finishing the oven.
    • Loading the pieces.
    • You can bring a few small biscuit pieces, 5 to 10 pieces about the size of a bowl, and we'll bake them at high temperature ( >1250°C).
    • Questions & answers

    Day 4 

    • Firing. 
    • Approach to operating a wood-fired oven, 
      observations, documentation...

    Day 5 

    • Unloading the oven, analysing the results & discussion
    • Refresher course on knowledge acquired.
    • Discussion and advice on personal projects.
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